Data Security for Healthcare Services

Here’s how Vision Graphics keeps your customer and member information secure

Facility Access
• Exterior doors remain locked at all times and accessed with key card only.
• Cameras are located and monitored at all entry points and throughout the facility.
• Interior access to data processing and mailing facility is accessible to certified individuals with key card only.
• Security alarms are activated during off hours.
• Employees and visitors are required to wear identification badges.
• Vision employee must escort all visitors outside public areas.


Destruction of Waste Products
• Vision works with a third-party vendor to securely destroy the materials and provide destruction certificates.


• All computer terminals are password protected and locked when not in use.
• Secure FTP site for safe transfer of files.
• USPS certified for Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcoding.


• Onsite HIPAA Security and Compliance officer.
• Criminal background checks conducted on all employees prior to hiring. Additional background checks may be conducted depending on position.
• Drug screening on all employees prior to hiring.
• Employees are HIPAA certified and participate in continued, annual training.
• Employees and contractors sign non-disclosure agreements.
• We sign Business Associate Agreements reflecting HIPAA


Compliance with healthcare entities as necessary.
• Third party companies and contractors that use any secure data are pre-approved and monitored to meet Vision standards, including signing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.


The HIPAA Seal of Compliance is the health care industry’s third party HIPAA verification. Although there is no formal HIPAA compliance certification from the federal government or subsidiary regulatory agencies. That’s why Vision Graphics has made the investment to demonstrate the company’s commitment to compliance.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance has become the health care industry standard for verification that the federally-mandated HIPAA standards regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) are fully addressed and incorporated into an effective, organization-wide compliance program.

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