Vision Graphics Inc. as we know it today was founded by our Presidents uncle Francis E Brooks
in 1952 as Frontier Lettershop in Cheyenne WY. Frontier evolved from an earlier startup in the
employment agency business which was sold to an employee. Frontier grew over the years,
with name changes to Frontier Printing and Mailing and then back to Frontier Printing Inc. The
company was sold to some staff in the early 1980’s and four years later was reacquired by its
founder. In 1986, Mr. Brooks recruited his nephew Mark Steputis into the business. Mark had
graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in marketing and came to work in
outside sales. As the years went by Mark got more involved with the management of the
company and was promoted to Vice President, and by 1995 was named President of the
company. Mark acquired ownership of the company, in 1996 after his uncle’s passing.
At this point the company was marketing its services to a wider and wider geographic area
and the bulk of the work was coming from Northern Colorado companies while the company
remained in Cheyenne WY. So, in 1999 the company opened a new 25,000 square foot location
in Loveland CO. New equipment was acquired and over the next three years, two new presses
were installed. A 6 color 40” and a six color 56”. The company was growing very quickly at
this point and an additional 25,000 square foot addition was put on the building while
relocating the Wyoming operation into the facilities in Loveland.

A Continued Process Toward Success

Growth continued and two more printing presses were installed. In 2008 the economic down
turn took hold, and sales declined. In response Vision acquired Keyline Graphics in Denver,
giving Vision downtown access to customers and additional capacity and square footage. In
2012, in a move to increase the speed of transition from a strictly commercial printer to a
more progressive solutions provider, Vision Acquired Eagle:xm, a company well known in the
broadband industry for data driven marketing solutions involving supply chain management in
fulfillment and mail. After the acquisition of Eagle:xm was completed and Keyline was
migrated into the eagle facility, the decision was made to sell the location in Loveland, along
with the four presses located there, and purchase new state of the art equipment and
consolidate all operations in the facility at 5105 east 41st Ave Denver CO.
The Loveland equipment was sold and in its place a brand-new Komori 8 color press, capable
of print two sides of the sheet of paper at 15,000 per hour was installed. Manufacturing had
an advantage over the competition with this type of technology, costs were lower and quality
and speed to market were better. At this point Vision was a dominate player in the rocky
mountain market with business across the country in certain market verticals. In 2017 two
new opportunities opened, Print CPG, a Tucson based leader in the portal driven marketing
communications business was acquired and integrated into the Denver location.

As we look to the future, Vision is strategically placed as a leader in the print communication
industry, combining data driven solutions with online marketing portals enabling our customer
base to refine and streamline their communications both within and externally. Fulfillment,
mail, print, variable print, data, wide-format are all coordinated for the Vision customer
driving superior marketing results that all customers strive for.