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Recognizing Talent from Within

Julie Ellis, Account Manager

How long have you worked for Vision Graphics/Eagle:xm?

I have been here for 16 years next April. I was hired on as an account manager. For a while, I moved into a Broadband Marketing Group lead by Joel Susel, who is still with the company as our leading performance solutions developer. That group’s role was to provide marketing solutions and customer service to companies like Comcast, Charter, and Time Warner. We would brainstorm and create new programs for cable companies customized to their needs. Joel has an incredible talent for inventing new forms of marketing solutions and developing programs that have never been done before. The extensive amount of knowledge I gained in that group is invaluable. I am now back in an account management role now, but still get to work with Joel on marketing solutions in several industries. We have worked together for over ten years now and I feel we make a good team.

What is a typical day like for you as an account manager?

There really is no such thing as a typical day for an account manager. I could be putting in an estimate and suddenly have five order requests, a change to an existing order, a need to check on something in our fulfillment system or any number of other tasks. It is highly important to stay organized and prioritize. I don’t think I have had two days that were the same in all the time I have worked here, which is a good thing.

What I am doing also depends on what client I’m working with. What I do for Regal is completely unique to them; we do not provide a program like theirs to anyone else. Joanne Caldwell, another member of our account services team, works with Eagle Ticketing which has some similarities. We are able to utilize some of the same expertise and technology for both programs, but the products are very unique to the client and the programs are completely different. It is all about inventing things here, creating solutions that have never been done before. I have never heard someone here say ‘We can’t do that; that’s not what we do.’ Maybe we don’t do something right now, but we can do it and when we do, we will do it in a way that is customized to the needs of that particular company. That is what is so nice about the environment here.

What do you feel makes the customer service at Vision Graphics/Eagle:xm stand out?

As an account manager I really get to know my clients and I have come to feel like I am a part of the companies that I work with. I will work with someone day in and day out on a project and our team here really becomes an extension of their company. If someone calls me in a panic, because they need something rapidly I feel their urgency. I believe that is why so many of our customers have been with us for so long. They know that we engulf ourselves in making sure their companies are successful.

The other aspect that really sets us apart, as I mentioned previously, is this ability to create new programs and methods of doing things and having that freedom to be expanding and changing. It’s always been the kind of company that if you want to do something not in your typical role you can. You are given the resources to grow and the company grows as a result.

If you had to pick one project you have been a part of here that stands out in your mind what would it be?

Launching Regal’s gift card program was really one of the most fun and unique projects I have been a part of here. We invented a whole new process and I imagine it is quite unique compared to how other gift card programs are managed. Regal had been our customer for many years, but we were not doing their gift cards, which they themselves had just recently started doing. They had a vendor that was doing just their gift cards that frankly was not serving their needs very well. They told us that they wanted to have everything we did for them, primarily paper tickets, and the gift cards from one provider. Initially we partnered with another company that had gift card capabilities we did not. It did not take long to realize they were not going to provide a quality up to our standards. We decided during the production process that we were going to bring everything in house midstream. We had to figure out on the fly how to transition from this other vendor to doing it internally with systems up and running incredibly fast. Our IT team got together with the IT team at Regal and rose to the occasion in just an amazing way. We started from scratch and we were able to make it exactly how it needed to be for Regal. That is what we do and that is one of the reasons I love working with Joel, who was a big part of that process as well. He has this ability to create solutions that are ongoing programs customized for a specific goal. Of course, over time we have found ways to make the whole program more efficient, but seeing the way everyone in both companies came together to make this program happen from the start was truly a memorable experience.

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